Beaded Bracelet Kit


1. Lay down a bead mat or a towel to help keep your beads from rolling away. Open your kit. (TIP: A padded dish drying mat works great!)

2. Divide the beads into 3 equal groups.

3. Place the 3 accent beads to the left of each group.

4. Divide one of the groups of beads in half. Place your charm in the middle.

5. Take your stretchy cord and tie a knot 4x as close to the end of the strand as you can. This knot will not be a part of your finished bracelet - it is only to keep the beads from falling off the strand as you string them.

6. String your beads starting from left to right. Be sure to follow your pattern.

7. Once all your beads are string, adjust the strand so you have some slack at either end of the bracelet.

8. Tie a knot once, pulling just until there is no more space but still allows the bracelet to have some stretch. Then tie a second knot and pull tight.


9. Open your glue and dab a small amount onto the knot. Only use enough glue to saturate the knot, but not enough that it drips. Allow glue to dry at least 20 minutes. Make sure your knot is not touching the surface it is sitting on. (TIP: Place a piece of paper under the knot, just in case your glue drips.)

10. After your glue has thoroughly dried, pull the ends slightly and cut as close to the knot as you can without cutting the knot itself.

11. Wear your handmade bracelet with pride!

TIP: Store in a cool, dry place when not being wore. Avoid contact with perfume or essentials oils directly to the beads or charm. Avoid contact with moisture or water.