Chelsey Pear Charm Jewelry Co. is a Canadian company based in Ontario, Canada. Our mission is to spread love and happiness through uniquely designed, thoughtful and sentimental jewelry and gifts.


Company Origins

The original name my company was founded under was Life Goal Charms. The name came from the idea that my charm jewelry could act a visual tool to represent your dreams, goals and aspirations. I believe, and have experienced firsthand, the power of a constant visual aid (manifesting technique).  A visual aid keeps your goals in the forefront of your mind and your thoughts and reminds you to constantly take steps towards reaching them.


About Chelsey

Chelsey is a creative individual who has been an entrepreneur since the age of 14, when she began creating beaded keychains for breast cancer awareness. Since then, she has worked in concert and promotions, restaurant ownership and in the finance business. She has worked in Mexico and all around the Caribbean working aboard cruise shops. Chelsey now resides in Ontario Canada with her husband and their son, and enjoys creating and sharing her love of charms with the world.