CHOOSE YOUR OWN CHARMS -Chelsey Pear Premium Monthly Mailer

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You are more than One in a Million, your jewelry should be too. When you choose your own premium monthly mailer charms, there are over 547,757,541,338,660,955 possible combinations (Yes, really!! We did the math!)

What charms will they receive? That's up to you - think of the receiver of your gift and choose the charms that best represent them. Things they love to do. People they love. People they want to remember. And goals they want to accomplish. Or, leave it up to chance and make it a surprise! 

Type in the name of the charm you want sent each month,or leave it blank for a surprise charm.

Each month, a charm will arrive in a gift box, packaged to perfection. Each charm includes a split jump ring allowing it to be easily attached anywhere on the bracelet.

Make it even more personal by adding in your own special message. Your message will be printed on lovely shimmery cardstock and included with the indicated month. Use this as an opportunity to tell the recipient why you chose this charm for them or what the meaning of that charm is for you. Adding a special monthly message is optional and at no additional cost. Leave the space blank if you wish no note to be included.

Things To Remember - The starter package of the charm bracelet itself, along with your chosen initial and birthstone charms, will be sent to YOU, to give to the recipient in person.

THEN, for the next 12 months, the recipient will receive their monthly charm delivered to THEIR door directly.

Please include YOUR address at checkout and your RECIPIENT'S address to be filled in below. (If you are buying for yourself, include your address below and also at checkout.)

All our jewelry is hypoallergenic and always nickel, lead & toxin free. Satisfaction guaranteed. All charms are a nickel free silver alloy. See FAQ for tips on how to care for your jewelry. Questions? Get in touch with us here.