Chelsey Pear Premium Monthly Mailers

Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could give a gift that makes someone smile, for an entire year? Long after the heart decorations have come down, after the Valentine's cards are tucked away and the flowers have wilted - your gift reminds them that they are loved and someone special in your eyes.

Give them a gift that literally keeps on giving. Give them a Chelsey Pear Premium Monthly Mailer, and expect to be their gift giving superhero!


The starter package is delivered to you to give to your gift recipient personally. It contains a stunning custom sized sterling silver charm bracelet that is personalized with an initial charm and a Swarovski crystal birthstone charm of your choosing. 

Then, for an entire year, 12 full months, your desired gift recipient will receive a new charm every month sent directly to their door.

 What charms will they receive? That's up to you - choose the charms that reflect that special person or, leave it up to chance and get a surprise!